Historic England announces grant opportunities to uncover the nation’s hidden working class heritage

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Heritage Spaces

Historic England has announced its Everyday Heritage Grants: Celebrating Working Class Histories which will fund community-led and people-focused projects that aim to further the nation’s collective understanding of the past. These grants will focus on heritage that links people to overlooked historic places, with a particular interest in recognising and celebrating working class histories.

Heritage should be for everyone. From palaces to terraced houses, stately homes to barns, our towns and landscapes are filled with symbols of our past. But not everyone’s stories are told and not everyone’s history is remembered.

  • Does your local railway, mine or factory have a fascinating story to be told?
  • Is your coastal or rural town filled with tales about the people who previously lived and worked there?
  • Have you always wanted to celebrate the cool architecture of the place where you live?

The Everyday Heritage Grants aim to address these questions by engaging with the widest possible range of heritage and helping to further the nation’s collective understanding of England’s past.

The histories of castles and great houses and their inhabitants are well documented, but we know far less about our everyday heritage. From council estates, pubs and clubs, to farms, factories and shipyards, these are the places where most people have lived, worked and played for hundreds of years. We want to explore these untold stories and celebrate the people and places at the heart of our history.

Duncan Wilson, Chief ExecutiveHistoric England

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